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We want you to hear better

Scarborough’s family-run hearing clinic that focuses on what’s important: how well you hear.

We’re Scarborough’s independent hearing clinic

Every part of our clinic is focused around helping you hear better. We always take the time to listen and understand, and we’ll suggest the options that make the most sense for you. 

Hearing aids you’ll actually wear

There’s no point in getting a hearing aid that you don’t want to wear, so we’ll work with you to get real results from the technology.  

Hearing you can afford

When hearing aids are matches to your needs and lifestyle, you’ll avoid wasting money on devices that you’ll never wear.

Your team for ongoing care

As a small business in Scarborough, we are completely invested in services that makes a true difference in the lives of our patients.

Our approach to personalized care

The path to better hearing is easiest when it is customized to you.

Walk-in or schedule an appointment

The first step is scheduling an appointment or visiting our clinic to discuss the state of your hearing and the potential options to help you hear better.  Contact us to schedule an appointment or stop by to chat.

Let’s discuss your hearing

Unlike other hearing care clinics, we don’t give you a bunch of forms to fill out. 
Instead, we take the time to chat with you and understand your background, hearing and lifestyle. Our care always starts with a conversation.

You choose how to proceed

After a comprehensive hearing test, we’ll outline our analysis of your hearing and the options that could help you hear better. 
We always take into account your lifestyle, budget and personalized needs. Whatever you choose, we’ll be there to support your decision.


Hearing aids don’t have to be a hindrance 

With properly fitted hearing aids and ongoing care, you’ll hear better in situations that used to be challenging. And when hearing aids make a difference in your everyday life, you’ll forget you are wearing them.
My mother was thrilled and is looking forward to every visit. They are very professional in treating us every time. Definitely would recommend them.

Risk-free trials to lifetime service

We want you to achieve the best possible results with your hearing aids. After we match you with hearing technology, we offer a complimentary demonstration and a risk-free trial period for 90 days. All with no obligation.
Our ongoing care includes maintenance and servicing of your hearing aids, along with checkups to make sure they are providing the benefits you have come to expect. 
Let’s chat about your hearing
Our first step is always a conversation. We want to learn about your lifestyle and experience with hearing. Then we’ll let you know what we think are the best options. 
Schedule your free assessment or visit us at our Scarborough hearing clinic.